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Arquitectura LLC, Maui

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Designed : May 2017

Maui Architect Marc Taron, AIA

GrimesTunes Online Music & Store

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Maui Guitar Maker & Song Writer Steve Grimes


I create customized websites using WordPress system written in PHP language. I use this format because i believe it’s one of the easiest content to be managed by a non-professional. I will happily introduce and train a client to update the content of its own site or I can maintain it as well. If I don’t maintain it i recommend backing it up every time it’s updated.
I can suggest a design or I can follow your suggestion. I give my client the opportunity to choose colors and have a voice into the design that will represent her/him online.

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The link below will show some of my video work. Video can be a true “selfie”, because there nuances that are seen but not said. Yes, technology does matter but I rather believe that what makes a GREAT video experience has more to do with the content than with the tool. What you say in relation to what you show is very revealing. The editing process is done by emotional intelligence, and THAT does not come in a software.

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Makia Productions is a Maui based production “house” specialized in the visual storytelling and inspiring content through WEB DESIGN, VIDEO MAKING, and WEB CONTENT creation. I am now back into photography again and developing a folio while finding my voice.

It was founded in 2005 by me, Elen Gaion and while the core of my work has a documentary approach, design concept and motion has always been part of what i do, professional AND personally. I was a dancer till 19 years old. After 3 years in a professional contemporary jazz troop in southern of Brazil I cut that off and went to study architecture in a catholic university, where i got my BA in Architecture ( and sure some guilt’s ).

Being from the Amazon in Brazil made me grow up with the feeling that the world was bigger and so I have always had the wiliness to go abroad to find out what is that BIG thing that i wanted to figure. Next step was to leave my own culture and family and come to USA to leeeearn … english? Traveling, photography, multimedia and finally computer animation certification at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, which i finished in 2004.

This never ending search for meaning was not what brought me to Hawaii. I very often thank my dear sister, Ana for pushing me to come to Maui and for giving me a reason to be part of such simply special place & style of life. I truly love it !

For me life is Art. A constant process of pouring creativity into whatever I do. It took me a while to finally figure that all that curiosity has quite a bit to do with the fact that i enjoy exploring both sides of my brain, the tech and manual world, or the right and left. I believe we are all creative beings. Some got more stimulus some got less but i believe we are all creative even if doing math. I think Art is a way to connect with the humanity in all of us. A lawyer can do her job like a piece of art, or not. The same way, an artist can do her job, resulting in art …or not. Like a tuning practice for an instrument, we get in and out of tune and chances are that the ability to keep playing may bring awareness of such “tuning”.

I cheer to find the art in what everyone does. I enjoy connecting with people and becoming part of their team. I may trigger a point to find the expression that is to be shown. That expression that makes you so unique and important is what i aim to show.

I trust that we all matter and so is what we all do. And that is why we are all here.

My love for what I do thrives in sharing and exploring ideas to support people in finding their niche while doing what they love or simply to express themselves or an idea. My hope is that in the process, both sides will experience good time!

In defining my work, i view myself as a documentarist. I love getting to know people, a subject matter or a place well.

Success, for me it comes with the freedom to dare to do what you love OR to love what you do !

Feel free to drop me a line at MAKIAMEDIA @ GMAIL if you have an idea to explore.

oh yes, Makia in Hawaiian means “Energy flows where attention goes”. Focus! To manifest.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
elen gaion

click here to see some of my work.

Fall 2019 _ UNIVERSITY of HAWAII /Maui, HI

GREEN BUILDING/ LEED Prep Course -Complete


1999 – 2002 _ ACADEMY OF ENTERTAINMENT – Santa Monica/CA, USA

Computer Animation – Graduate

Photography – Incomplete (2 years)

1992 – 1996 _ UNIBENNETT – CENTRO UNIVERSITARIO – Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil

Architecture & Urbanism – Graduate

Fluent languages : english, portugues(BR), spanish



I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some feedback. Form is below testimonials. Mahalo :}

Reliable & Available !

Recently I finished my book and realized I wanted a website. Thankfully I know Elen. She brings a long list of talents to the table. Two of her qualities, an ability to "hear what I needed" to create my site and an understanding that I don't presently know how this site will evolve are meaningful to me. Elen is there for me as this project continues to grow, always willing to offer ideas and her experience. I am comfortable working with Elen at Makia Productions.

Charles Morris

Highly Recommended!

Makia Productions was the key that made the difference in my athletic career. As a professional athlete, as well as full time worker, I needed someone that understood social media and image production to get me further connected with my sponsors. Elen Gaion worked with me for several years producing videos, making edits, and websites. She not only produced an impressive material but also gave me the support and motivation to get the right image an athlete needs to succeed in this competitive world. She has the experience and professionalism one needs to produce a selling image either if it is for personal use or company promotion. “

Terrific !

Makia Productions was a terrific company to use for my web site design and content creation. The start up was simple and well thought out. Elen Gaion uses knowledge of the cyber world to produce the website with great awareness to search engine and drive of traffic. My website was designed with fantastic pictures and there was much thought between the pictures and the colors. You are able to independently operate your web page once it is drafted and you have complete say in what you like and don't like so that it is designed to your specific taste and function. Makia Productions is also able to assist with all media content. If you are unable to provide photographs, images, or video they can create what you need with their many years of video, photography and digital experience. I am completely satisfied and happy with my website. It has driven traffic to my Yoga classes.  I highly recommend Makia Productions services as they are honest, caring, thoughtful and experienced. Thank you!

Meghan Franklin
Kihei Maui Yoga & Ballet

Beyond expectations !

A couple years ago I hired Elen Gaion to film and edit a video for me. At the time I thought I would be simply choosing the segments of the video and selecting the order I wanted and that she would do the technical work and put it all together. I was pleasantly surprised to find later that she was the one who actually put all the elements together! She wore many hats in this video production: videographer, director, art consultant, audio engineer, and film editor.

The level of dedication and overall perception she brought to the table was beyond my expectation. While the work progressed she educated me about the whole online media content and got me up to date with the latest trends. She even helped me to track my goals. She not only cares about the quality of her own work, but also about what the client needs, and understands that those needs may change. She was flexible enough to adapt to my changing vision, and to expound on those visions and infuse her own artistic sense. She had patience and respect for my opinions and taste, and consequently this project went smoothly and easily.

She ended up re-doing my website, creating my blog and my CD cover and doing other videos. Whenever I have any issues with my website she responds quickly and gets the work done in short order. I wholeheartedly recommend Makia Productions and thank Elen Gaion for her great work. 

Steve Grimes
Grimes Guitars

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“You never fail until you stop trying”, Einstein.



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Video “Continuum: A Conversation with Emilie Conrad”

2004 Full post production including picture and sound editing,
animation/motion graphics as well as some filming
and all the effects done by elen gaion.

Emilie Conrad 50 years retrospective on Continuum …
A FASCINATING journey through our fluid system by a brilliant human being!
Truly engaged with her mission Emilie’s legacy is a precious one.
When i saw the amazing amount of imagens that she had collected
throughout the years, I immediately envisioned the first 20 minutes of her history.

This is only a snap of different aspects of the documentary.


Continuum Movement by Emilie Conrad from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Charles Morris Website of Book “Butterfly, A Guide for Transformation”


Click on image to visit website.Butterfly-a-guide-for-transformation

Maui GMO Moratorium ( click here to enlarge )

Video Clip “Where in the World are the Whales”, song by Steve Grimes

Grimes gathered a group of students from Lahaina,
practiced his whale song done 20 years or so prior to this video
and took them all to the recording studio!
Just great!!


"where in the world are the whales" by steve grimes

Portrait Guitar Collection. ( click here to enlarge )

Fisher Portrait Guitar Collection

This video is part of a serie. The 6 videos can be seeing HERE.

Don Fisher commissioned six American luthiers to “paint” a portrait in guitarmaking of the six women he loves. A “family of guitars”. The results are  mesmerizing! The process, interpretation and the path that each luthier took revealed the interesting world these artists belong to, and how Fisher’s patronage supports a true American art form. The concept of “portrait guitars” is very unique in the history of guitarmaking. These luthiers produce hand made, custom guitars.To see full length video on each guitar and presentation by  Don Fisher, please click here.


2012 SUP HAWAII KAIWI CHANNEL CROSSING – ANDREA MOLLER from Makia Web & Video Productions on Vimeo.


Maui Jim 2011 Triple Crown

July 16th/2011

I had the opportunity to register the First Maui Jim Triple Crown and a little bit of this inspiring SUP community on Maui. Most of them train together or at least see each other in training mode on the same local waters…respecting each other’s achievements and pushing one another to higher levels. It was an honor to be part of it in some way!
A special thanks to Andrea Moller for bringing me along and making it a truly fun trip!

Andrea Moller 2010 SOLO achievements! ( click here to enlarge )

Andrea Moller 2010 SOLO Achievements as a water woman ! from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Maui North Shore Home

2004 : website created for Maui Dream Home by Maui contractor Sandy Fisher

Maui Northshore Home by Sandy Fisher

Perfect Stranger by Steve Grimes. Click here

Perfect Stranger by Steve Grimes and Mojo Gumbo Band from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Andrea Moller x Go Outside Magazine. Click here

Andrea Moller at Outside Magazine ! from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Mixed Media Art on Maui

Website Designed for Ana Gaion Fine Art
Clich on image to visit site

Faux Finish on Maui

Website created for Hawaii Custom Faux Finishes
Click on image to visit site

Hawaii Decorative Paintings Website

Mojo Gumbo Band ( click here to see )

Mojo Gumbo Band, The Making Off. from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Barry Flanagan: One Day!

Barry Flanagan sings “One Day”_original by Matisyahu_in his show “Muse” at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center on Maui along with Ron Kualaau. Some bits of same song with steve Grimes at Capiche, on Maui. Barry’s vibrant personally gives a very special touch to this song!

“One Day” performed by Barry Flanagan from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Andrea Moller 1st SUP SOLO … challenges!

Andrea Moller..her challenges and weaknesses as SUP! from Makia Productions on Vimeo.