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Makia Productions is a Maui based production “house” specialized in the visual storytelling and inspiring content through WEB DESIGN, VIDEO MAKING, and WEB CONTENT creation. I am now back into photography again and developing a folio while finding my voice.

It was founded in 2005 by me, Elen Gaion and while the core of my work has a documentary approach, design concept and motion has always been part of what i do, professional AND personally. I was a dancer till 19 years old. After 3 years in a professional contemporary jazz troop in southern of Brazil I cut that off and went to study architecture in a catholic university, where i got my BA in Architecture ( and sure some guilt’s ).

Being from the Amazon in Brazil made me grow up with the feeling that the world was bigger and so I have always had the wiliness to go abroad to find out what is that BIG thing that i wanted to figure. Next step was to leave my own culture and family and come to USA to leeeearn … english? Traveling, photography, multimedia and finally computer animation certification at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, which i finished in 2004.

This never ending search for meaning was not what brought me to Hawaii. I very often thank my dear sister, Ana for pushing me to come to Maui and for giving me a reason to be part of such simply special place & style of life. I truly love it !

For me life is Art. A constant process of pouring creativity into whatever I do. It took me a while to finally figure that all that curiosity has quite a bit to do with the fact that i enjoy exploring both sides of my brain, the tech and manual world, or the right and left. I believe we are all creative beings. Some got more stimulus some got less but i believe we are all creative even if doing math. I think Art is a way to connect with the humanity in all of us. A lawyer can do her job like a piece of art, or not. The same way, an artist can do her job, resulting in art …or not. Like a tuning practice for an instrument, we get in and out of tune and chances are that the ability to keep playing may bring awareness of such “tuning”.

I cheer to find the art in what everyone does. I enjoy connecting with people and becoming part of their team. I may trigger a point to find the expression that is to be shown. That expression that makes you so unique and important is what i aim to show.

I trust that we all matter and so is what we all do. And that is why we are all here.

My love for what I do thrives in sharing and exploring ideas to support people in finding their niche while doing what they love or simply to express themselves or an idea. My hope is that in the process, both sides will experience good time!

In defining my work, i view myself as a documentarist. I love getting to know people, a subject matter or a place well.

Success, for me it comes with the freedom to dare to do what you love OR to love what you do !

Feel free to drop me a line at MAKIAMEDIA @ GMAIL if you have an idea to explore.

oh yes, Makia in Hawaiian means “Energy flows where attention goes”. Focus! To manifest.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
elen gaion

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Fall 2019 _ UNIVERSITY of HAWAII /Maui, HI

GREEN BUILDING/ LEED Prep Course -Complete


1999 – 2002 _ ACADEMY OF ENTERTAINMENT – Santa Monica/CA, USA

Computer Animation – Graduate

Photography – Incomplete (2 years)

1992 – 1996 _ UNIBENNETT – CENTRO UNIVERSITARIO – Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil

Architecture & Urbanism – Graduate

Fluent languages : english, portugues(BR), spanish


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