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Video “Continuum: A Conversation with Emilie Conrad”

2004 Full post production including picture and sound editing,
animation/motion graphics as well as some filming
and all the effects done by elen gaion.

Emilie Conrad 50 years retrospective on Continuum …
A FASCINATING journey through our fluid system by a brilliant human being!
Truly engaged with her mission Emilie’s legacy is a precious one.
When i saw the amazing amount of imagens that she had collected
throughout the years, I immediately envisioned the first 20 minutes of her history.

This is only a snap of different aspects of the documentary.


Continuum Movement by Emilie Conrad from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Maui GMO Moratorium ( click here to enlarge )

Video Clip “Where in the World are the Whales”, song by Steve Grimes

Grimes gathered a group of students from Lahaina,
practiced his whale song done 20 years or so prior to this video
and took them all to the recording studio!
Just great!!


"where in the world are the whales" by steve grimes

Portrait Guitar Collection. ( click here to enlarge )

Fisher Portrait Guitar Collection

This video is part of a serie. The 6 videos can be seeing HERE.

Don Fisher commissioned six American luthiers to “paint” a portrait in guitarmaking of the six women he loves. A “family of guitars”. The results are  mesmerizing! The process, interpretation and the path that each luthier took revealed the interesting world these artists belong to, and how Fisher’s patronage supports a true American art form. The concept of “portrait guitars” is very unique in the history of guitarmaking. These luthiers produce hand made, custom guitars.To see full length video on each guitar and presentation by  Don Fisher, please click here.


2012 SUP HAWAII KAIWI CHANNEL CROSSING – ANDREA MOLLER from Makia Web & Video Productions on Vimeo.


Maui Jim 2011 Triple Crown

July 16th/2011

I had the opportunity to register the First Maui Jim Triple Crown and a little bit of this inspiring SUP community on Maui. Most of them train together or at least see each other in training mode on the same local waters…respecting each other’s achievements and pushing one another to higher levels. It was an honor to be part of it in some way!
A special thanks to Andrea Moller for bringing me along and making it a truly fun trip!

Andrea Moller 2010 SOLO achievements! ( click here to enlarge )

Andrea Moller 2010 SOLO Achievements as a water woman ! from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Perfect Stranger by Steve Grimes. Click here

Perfect Stranger by Steve Grimes and Mojo Gumbo Band from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Andrea Moller x Go Outside Magazine. Click here

Andrea Moller at Outside Magazine ! from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Mojo Gumbo Band ( click here to see )

Mojo Gumbo Band, The Making Off. from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Andrea Moller 1st SUP SOLO … challenges!

Andrea Moller..her challenges and weaknesses as SUP! from Makia Productions on Vimeo.

Jaws 2010!

Jaws Dec 2009 – Maui, Hawaii. from Makia Productions on Vimeo.