Makia Web & Video Productions on Maui

Contact : MakiaMedia @ Gmail

Terrific !

Makia Productions was a terrific company to use for my web site design and content creation. The start up was simple and well thought out. Elen Gaion uses knowledge of the cyber world to produce the website with great awareness to search engine and drive of traffic. My website was designed with fantastic pictures and there was much thought between the pictures and the colors. You are able to independently operate your web page once it is drafted and you have complete say in what you like and don’t like so that it is designed to your specific taste and function. Makia Productions is also able to assist with all media content. If you are unable to provide photographs, images, or video they can create what you need with their many years of video, photography and digital experience. I am completely satisfied and happy with my website. It has driven traffic to my Yoga classes.  I highly recommend Makia Productions services as they are honest, caring, thoughtful and experienced. Thank you!

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